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Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation
Mental Health NGO

Born from the lived experience of our founder, Akash Ramchandani, Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation is a Mental Health NGO that is Home to 100+ people from PAN India. A home that is also a survivor-centered community for people who have experienced Mental Health turmoils like loneliness, anxiety, or any disorders like depression or others. 

As a part of our survivor-centered community approach, we create a ‘Safe Space’ where everyone is accepted of their identity related to race, class, age, disability, language, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, culture, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, mental health, and socio-economic status.

We offer everyone empathy, kindness, respite, and care and create opportunities for them to express their needs, priorities, concerns, and goals through accessible & inclusive therapy, psychiatric aid, and peer support & social groups.

Our Mental Health Services

Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation believes in inclusion & accessibility as an NGO. That’s why we have trauma-informed and queer affirmative RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, & Peer Support Group Moderators with lived experience.

We understand that Mental Health is political, financial, regional, communal, & social. Hence, we undertake a holistic approach when it comes to imparting Mental Health Services so the individual can experience an intimate and socially safe space with our professionals & community.

Psychiatric Consultation
Peer Support

Psychiatric medications are a taboo subject, and a lot of us didn’t have a good experience with them, unfortunately. We understand that at HOBS. That’s why our psychiatrists offer regular follow-ups and provide psychoeducation for the prescribed medications.

At times, when we experience frequent or high-intensity distress, medications become an important part of the healing process. Hence, we have in-house psychiatrists to help you find the right combination of medications for you.

We have a team of RCI-licensed Clinical Psychologists who are trauma-informed, queer affirmative, and well-versed with therapies like CBT, DBT, & REBT and will accept you unconditionally. 

We believe that everyone is the best judge of their own life. Our role is not to make decisions for you but rather to support and empower you to make informed decisions. We will also respectfully address patterns that may hinder self-growth and assist in healing from trauma and emotional distress. And if needed, we assist in therapist referrals or transitions.

We understand that while therapy and psychiatric aid are the best tools an individual can use to make their Mental Health Journey, we also need a sense of belongingness, people outside the therapy to count on, and a community to connect and accept us unconditionally.

Safe Space does exactly that! It helps you connect with individuals who have similar lived experiences and build healthy relationships. It creates a platform for you to vent, express, and share opinions and experiences and not be judged for it. 

The best part is the weekly peer support group, where you can speak your heart out, have fun, and reflect on your experiences while receiving unconditional support for the same.

Founder's Message

Take it one day at a time!

I have been going through things for as long as I can remember. These are things that I never spoke about because I didn’t have anyone to talk to in the first place.

Loss of family, bullying, and assault, experiences like these, put me in a really dark place where I thought there was no way out except to give up. And, I did give up ‘n’ number of times…

I somehow survived every time, and then I would ask God/Universe, why me? I never got any answer, but I did get something… courage and strength… a purpose… a reason to live. I made it my ninja way to help other people. Yeah, I copied that from Naruto!

I started this NGO, Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation, so millions of people who go through something similar don’t have to face it all alone like I did! I want everyone to have family, friends, the best experts and professionals, and the needed financial/legal/social resources by their side! We all go through phases in our lives where nothing seems to go our way. Maybe we can/cannot change that immediately, but at least we don’t have to experience the pain by ourselves!

Because honesty, even I wouldn’t have made it, this NGO wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t found people to call my family. And now, I am on a mission to help anyone and everyone who needs it to the best of my abilities.

We heal together, we grow together- Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation.

Our Journey | How our family created this Mental Health NGO

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Chitra Sharma

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Dr Dhruv Parmar

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Kashvi Chattrapati

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Clinical Psychologist

Join Our Family

We are looking for professional volunteers and college interns to help us reach out to more people and build a community. We would love to have you as a part of our family. A healthy workplace environment with lots of learning is guaranteed, pinky promise. So join us :’) we look forward to hearing from you.

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