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Do you often feel the weight of your thoughts crushing your life? 😣 Do you feel your life slipping by and have trouble sharing this burden with friends or family? 😞Perhaps a connection with one of our community members will help you unburden your thoughts! 👫👬👭😊🤗 Home of Beautiful Souls is a family aimed at offering a safe space to any individual that thrives on connection. Our members include healers with a desire to uplift others and to share their knowledge to strengthen the community. 💪 Our Foundation's mission is to heal the world, one person at a time.
We have queer affirmative therapists and folks in our NGO. So, the question isn't to judge but rather get a better understanding of where you are coming from
Note: Age group doesn't reflect the experience of the therapist.
There are many people who can't afford therapy due to low family income but strongly need it. Hence, we have kept the option for the budget. Your budget isn't for the quality of our service. We shall try to help you to the best of our abiliities.
If you can, enter NA
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If you are not taking any medicines, enter NA
In a clinical case, i.e. if the client is suffering from a mental illness, or is diagnosed with one; his/her family will be informed about the same after their consent. The case shall be then transferred to the near hospital or a clinic of the clinical psychologist/psychiatrist. If the client wishes to continue the therapy with the NGO, the same shall be entertained. We also will be in touch even after the case has been transferred to ensure that quality treatment is being provided.

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