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Payment Policies

There are two types of payment modes:
  • Payment per session

In this payment method, you will have to pay the decided amount on the day of your session before it begins.

You will be allowed to carry forward this amount for next session in case you miss it for one time in a month.

  • Payment per month

In this payment methods, you will be required to pay the fixed amount with minimum being 500rs a month between 1st and 10th date of the month.

Workshops and Events
  • After registering for the event, you will be sent a confirmation message on your registered number. After transferring the amount then, you will be provided the access for the event. 
  • The amount paid will be non-refundable in case you are unable to attend the event/workshop. However, in case of a valid situation, you may be provided with a record of the event.
  • In case, you are unable to attend the event and you inform us about the same beforehand, the amount will be  converted into carry forward balance for the next event.
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