We Care For You
You Are Not Alone

We understand that it gets more difficult with each moment passing. You just want to end the pain and not life. We promise to get back to you with the right help and the best therapist ASAP. We assure you that we will get to the bottom of this, together. You will find a Home here.

Be An Inspiration

Mental Health = Physical Health. Good mental health is not a luxury but a necessity. We understand this and so do you. Hence, we need your support to make people realize the same. Your story has the power to inspire many people, help them ask for the help they need. Your life experiences counts and it can sure make a difference. Now, you have the opportunity to save other lives. Use it and share your story with us, and we will make sure the world hears it!

We Understand. We Care.
We Heal Together and We Grow Together

Allow us to take you on our journey to changing lives. We hereby present to you the feedback from our clients.

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Join Our Family
The Home Of Beautiful Souls
Mental Health Professional

We aim to bring a mental health revolution in India where 1 in 20 people suffer from depression. It isn't possible without the mental professionals of this country. So, join us and help us bring the change together as a family.


A Foundation is baseless without its volunteers. If a mission is the soul, they are the heart. We need you just like the sky needs its stars. Be a part of our family and brighten our journey of healing people and saving lives.

Every Single Penny Matters When It Comes To Saving Lives

Your small contribution can bring a big change in someone's life! Help people heal, save people's lives. To know about the current mental health crisis and how you can make a difference, click on the donate button.

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Our Vision

We aim to bring a mental health revolution in India by adopting a holistic approach of healing and help at least 1000 people heal by the end of 2022.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to improve the mental health of the people of our country by building the largest mental health community of India by collaborating and uniting the mental health professionals from all over India. 

Our Services

Our aim is to provide the best service as soon as possible at the least cost. 

Because every life matters.


We develop toolkits to address concerns faced by a group of population or a community. They are self help kits that can help people build resilience, confidence

Different forms of therapies

Our experts help our clients heal using different therapies as per the need of the situation such as expressive art therapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, REBT and many more.

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns and workshops

We conduct mental health awareness campaigns physically as well as virtually in organisations, schools and colleges.

Industrial training programs

We develop unique industrial training programs for each company designed to maximise the productivity of the employees using the practical application of industrial psychology.

Contact: +91 8320470976

Mail: homeofbeautifulsouls@gmail.com