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What is therapy?

By a popular definition, psychotherapy aims at reducing the effect of those symptoms that are distressing to the individual, mediating behavior, and finally promoting the overall growth and development of an individual. It’s a more elaborate and structured method wherein the client and the therapist work collaboratively, to sail across the troubles.

What are the signs you need help?

Suppose you sense a prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness. Despite putting efforts with friends and family's help, the problem does not seem to end. If you find concentrating at work at hand difficult. If worrying constantly makes you feel like you are on edge and you think of finally resorting to behavior that can harm you or others, like increased consumption of drugs or anger outbursts, you need to start therapy ASAP.

How can it help you?

Psychotherapy helps one reduce the above symptoms that disturb a sense of balance and restore stability. Any problem that has a psychological origin or any condition that worsens psychological equilibrium can be dealt with with the help of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy requires the client who has undergone the problem to collaboratively work with the therapist who knows how to improve wellbeing. There is no exception in this therapeutic relationship; it requires effort together to obtain the best results. A psychotherapist will primarily extend support, help clients understand and educate them about their clinical condition, what has caused it, and improve and worsen the symptoms.

How you might feel before your first therapy session?

Who are we?

We Create Beautiful and Brighter Smiles

Home of Beautiful Souls started as an ambitious dream in March 2020. It is now a company registered under section 8 and operates as an NGO functioning PAN India. We at Home of Beautiful Souls operate on the mantra “we heal together, we grow together”. We adopt a structured approach towards intervention wherein we first understand the history, culture, and environment on a community level to promote their mental health and well-being in society. Through psycho-education, intervention, and different forms of evidence-based therapies, we work on improving the mental health of individuals using a holistic healing approach. We work with corporates, NGOs, schools, colleges, and individuals to cater to the mental health needs of our country in different setups. Our aim is to touch as many lives as possible and provide them quality services through the help of professionals qualified as per the government guidelines. Our mission is to bring a mental health revolution in India by bringing together mental health professionals and institutions and providing quality mental health services to even the remotest areas of the country.

Akash Ramchandani

Founding Director, HOBS Foundation

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Happy Stories

We haven't disclosed the picture or the client's name to respect the confidentiality aspect of the therapy.
I had been searching for professional help but was apprehensive as well as confused. That's when I found Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation. The professionalism along with simultaneous intent, patience and care, shown while I was being attended made me very comfortable. I guess this was the first time, I was listened to this well. I'm looking forward to my sessions and expect to be better soon, thanks to my therapist and Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation.
Thank you for your help. It is really appreciated and working. I feel good after talking to someone who wont judge me. The sessions are good and she understands me well. The days of low are actually explained and understood.
My therapy began with my therapist when I was on a whim as I was holding a lot inside me and happened to vent it out to him. He is a great therapist who knows no bounds and goes more than the extra mile to help his clients. He is very kind, understanding, and patient. He is an active listener who acts very calmly and is always available in times of need. I am extremely lucky to have him as my therapist and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.
And today, I had my therapy session with Harsha mam! It was really good. My mind opened about so many things that surrounded me. I realised a lot about myself today! Thank you for giving me a chance to seek help. Thank you for letting me in even though I knew I don't have any money to give. This is the peakest thing in my life and I really didn't expect that I will get help. I lost hope when I told you that I won't be able to afford. However, your reply created a hope and magic.
I am really satisfied by the professional approach done by my therapist Amrita. She made sure that I wasn't hesitating to open up about the difficulties that I was facing in my life and I m really very thankful to her. The therapy sessions were mediated through Mr. Akash, founder of the NGO - Home Of Beautiful Souls. I'm immensely thankful for his help. I'm well pleased with the kind service they provided and will suggest this ngo to anyone in need. Thank you !🤗♥️
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