About Us

Home of Beautiful Souls was an ambitious dream in March 2020. It is now a company registered under section 8 and operates as an NGO functioning PAN India. We at Home of Beautiful Souls operate on the mantra "we heal together, we grow together", we are committed to healing people facing mental health issues using the holistic healing approach. Through psycho-education, intervention, and different forms of evidence based therapies, we work on improving the mental health of people. We work with institutions, schools, colleges and individuals. We adapt a structured approach towards intervention wherein we first understand the history, culture, and environment on a community level to promote their mental health and well being. Our aim is to touch as many lives as possible and provide them quality services through the help of professionals qualified as per the government guidelines. Our mission is to bring a mental health revolution in India by bringing together mental health professionals and institutions and providing quality mental health services to even the remotest areas of the country

Akash Ramchandani — Founder & Director.

Akash's Story

Our founder, Akash Ramchandani is a M.Sc in Clinical Psychology drop out and BPD as well as PTSD survivor. Warrior without any weapons, whose strength is his benevolent heart; he knows the power of being humble and standing with honor. He is a seasoned warrior in the battle of life and conquered his demons inside. He has the power to listens to the silent cry and wipes the tears from our eyes. Once he holds your hands, you are never going to be alone again. He is such a beautiful soul who sees beauty in every soul. He offers us a safe place to call our home, the Home of Beautiful Souls where we all grow together and heal together.
Moreover, Akash is a talented individual who is a former national level gold medallist in martial arts. In addendum, he is a creative and full of life person who’s is sketch artist, poet and writer.

Our Services

Our aim is to provide the best service as soon as possible at the least cost. 

Because every life matters.

Counselling sessions

We provide counselling sessions to everyone in need at an affordable cost to ensure the mental health well-being of people.

Different forms of therapies

Our experts help our clients heal using different therapies as per the need of the situation such as expressive art therapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, REBT and many more.

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns and workshops

We conduct mental health awareness campaigns physically as well as virtually in organisations, schools and colleges.

Industrial training programs

We develop unique industrial training programs for each company designed to maximise the productivity of the employees using the practical application of industrial psychology.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We have changed the names of our clients to maintain confidentiality while practising our ethics.

My therapist's name is Sahiba. My first session with her was very nice. She is very sweet and a very good listener. Talking to her was very easy . Thank you.
Thank you for your help. It is really appreciated and working. I feel good after talking to someone who wont judge me. The sessions are good and she understands me well. The days of low are actually explained and understood.
My therapy began with my therapist when I was on a whim as I was holding a lot inside me and happened to vent it out to him. He is a great therapist who knows no bounds and goes more than the extra mile to help his clients. He is very kind, understanding, and patient. He is an active listener who acts very calmly and is always available in times of need. I am extremely lucky to have him as my therapist and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.
And today, I had my therapy session with Harsha mam! It was really good. My mind opened about so many things that surrounded me. I realised a lot about myself today!
Thank you for giving me a chance to seek help. Thank you for letting me in even though I knew I don't have any money to give. This is the peakest thing in my life and I really didn't expect that I will get help. I lost hope when I told you that I won't be able to afford. However, your reply created a hope and magic.