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About- Rape Awareness Campaign

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About- Rape awareness campaign

Home of beautiful souls decided to dedicate a whole week to research and explore everything about a rape.

Part 1: We have explained the psychiatric disorders as per DSM-5 so that you can be aware of your surroundings and save yourself from being a victim. About- Rape awareness campaign

Part 2: We discovered what makes a person a rapist? What turmoil do they face in their minds?

Part 3: We have taken clips of the famous Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why and tried to show that a rapist is a human too. If guided well, they can be saved from their own demons and help others fight theirs.

Part 4: Being a survivor means being a warrior for the rest of life. We went into the trauma of the people, and are now telling their stories to you hoping that if you need to talk about it, this gives you the strength.

Part 5: It’s really important to know and understand the do’s and don’ts when you have a survivor around you. We have explained what measures you can take to avoid their triggers and help them heal.

Part 6: Our Psych Comrade has recited a powerful and touching poem which will surely test your emotional quotient!

Part 7: We finally conclude the campaign with the hope that it has given you insights and strengthened you. If you wish to talk to someone or need help, fill our ask for help form and we will get you help ASAP.

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