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Existentialism comes from the idea of the essence. It is a question that we humans ask ourselves: What is the essence of human life?


Some situations challenge this existentialism. The pandemic being one of them. When we feel a challenge to our existence, we might experience a state wherein we question the purpose, the meaning, and the values that we associate in our life.


While some think existentialism is about doing something different and finding their path, others may find it to be about sitting back, lying down, and feeling a sense of oneness with yourself.


In the following section, we will discuss how we can generate the essence we are in search of:


A.Sense of meaning.


When we start to identify meaning in our day-to-day good and bad experiences, we give ourselves the edge of feeling better. Next, we can work on your values and virtues. Values and virtues are those beliefs and principles that you prioritize in your life. They can vary from person to person


Some value and virtues that we commonly have are:

  1. Good and meaningful relationships
  2. Achievements and success in life
  3. Relaxation and pleasure.
  4. Striving for respect and self-discipline
  5. Helping and giving to the community
  6. Developing the spiritual self

Similarly, we can decide our values and virtues that add meaning to our life, prioritize them and align our goals to them.


B: Functioning to the fullest.


Humans have an interesting mechanism, we work towards reaching our fullest potential, and at times when we don’t, we experience a sense of lack. However, this ‘lacking’ also drives us to explore and expand our potential. So, let’s take this time to acknowledge and talk back to this feeling; appreciate the efforts that we have been putting. At the same time, we can work on our well-being by seeing if we could have done it better. We need to see if we have been refraining from some things or task which could have helped us feel better or grow. Then, we need to list them down and begin by attempting them step by step, starting with what we think is more manageable. You will be surprised to feel that confidence bloom in you!


C: Altruism or helping others.

This healthy mechanism has helped many of us feel more and more hopeful during the pandemic. We have numerous examples in today’s world, acts of selfless help, extended towards the community in need. We congratulate these heroes among us. Helping others through their tough times gives oneself a sense of ease and strength. It provides us with the courage to work with our difficulties too.


D: Accepting the downfalls.

One component of existentialism is embracing the ups and the downs. The strength we develop through one challenge will make us more resilient, persistent and create an attitude of gratitude with optimism for the future.


We hope this helps in directing you towards the essential essence.


In conclusion, we would like to say that we either begin to die the minute we are born or start to live until we are dead. The perspective and choice are yours.

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