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Rape Awareness Campaign: Inside The Mind Of A Rapist

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No one is born evil! But, some humans have traded their souls with the devil! Or, are they actually the beasts waiting for beauty, so that they can be healed?

Let’s find out what is inside the mind of a rapist and what they think about their crime!

According to a paper published by Marshall and Barbaree, the sexual drive and the aggression drive, both are controlled by the same brain structures.

It has been noticed that people with schizophrenia are highly likely to become a rapist as their behavior is directly related to their psychosis! Also, people with hypomania/mania become sexually uncontrollable due to neuronal disinhibition, compelling them to commit such acts. Hence, people who don’t have control over their thoughts then, feel remorseful after prolonged exposure to therapy.

Studies have shown that around 68% of the rapists were victims of physical abuse and dysfunctional family relations as a child. Hence, they fail to develop safe and healthy relationships as an adult and this lack of intimacy makes their personality aloof and insensitive.

Cognitive distortions have also been observed as a big part of a rapist’s mentality. Most common CDs of a rapist are women being sex objects, they being a mystery and the justification to do wrong is okay when the world is already a hell to live in.

We have gathered the statements given by rapists in different interviews showcasing their thoughts!

🔺”When nothing holds you accountable when not even your sense of right and wrong can hold you accountable, and then what happened, happened.”

🔺”I was a monster.”
I got addicted to violence and power and let my fantasies unfold.

🔺”While I was in therapy in prison, I talked for the first time about what happened to me in my childhood. I was sexually abused for about 2 years, from when I was 7. I suspect that my family might have been aware of that.”

Pain, if not healed, gets passed on. Like, it’s said, if you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.

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