Rape Awareness Campaign: Paraphilic Disorders and How to Identify Them

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As per the 2018 data of the survey conducted by ‘Stop Street Harassment’, nearly 81 per cent women and 43 per cent of men have experienced sexual assault in their life🤕!

Chances are that you are currently being a victim and you don’t even know it yet! There are types of sexual assaults and ‘paraphilic disorders’ associated with them that you are unaware of making your rapist a ghost☠! But, we are here with you to help you bust them. Paraphilic Disorders and How to Identify Them

According to DSM-5, paraphilic disorders are defined as having sexual desire or behavior that involves another person’s psychological distress, injury, or death, or a desire for sexual behaviors involving unwilling persons or persons unable to give legal consent. Paraphilic Disorders and How to Identify Them

Types of paraphilic disorders: Paraphilic Disorders and How to Identify Them

Exhibitionistic disorder: The person wishes to be observed by other people while engaging himself in sexual activity without their consent🤢. For example, exposing genitals in public.

Frotteuristic disorder: The person touches or rubs his genitals against the opposite person without their consent😞. This mostly happens in crowded places such as metros.

Sexual Sadism disorder: The person gets sexual pleasure upon inflicting harm🥊 on people or humiliating them.

Voyeuristic disorder: The person derives pleasure from repeatedly watching a person naked or sexually active without their acknowledgement. The best example is peeping👁 through one-sided mirrors in changing rooms of malls.

It isn’t easy being a survivor😣, but we believe in you because we know you already are a warrior🙌💪💛!

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