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A complete guide to holistic counselling

Master the basics and level up your counselling skills!

Modules that will be covered in the program

1. Process skills (Basic counselling skills, orientation to verbal and non-verbal communication skills).
2. Sensitisation session (Introduction to terminologies that are more acceptable and appropriate for use, sensitisation to global practices and perspectives on dealing with clients).
3. Technology-based psychotherapy (Rules and regulations in India, various forms in which technological advancements have been incorporated in practice, challenges of technology-based therapy).
4. Gender and Sexuality (Introduction to sexuality, how to address concerns based on gender identity and sexuality, understanding and differentiation between the two concepts).
5. Emotional Regulation (Need for emotion, defining and understanding ways of emotional regulation).
6. Psychological First Aid (Theory and its applications).
7. Trauma (Basics of trauma: Theory, management, and forms of trauma including abuse and Covid-19 related events).
8. Caregiver Stress (What it is, its impact and intervention for the same including discussion on compassion fatigue among caregivers and health care professionals).

Meet Our Lead Trainers

Learn under RCI licensed Clinical Psychologists

Rupal Kaura

Rupal is an RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist that uses an eclectic approach and views each case from a holistic, trauma-informed perspective.

Veena Nair

Veena Nair is an RCI clinical psychologist and has previously engaged with multiple organizations as a therapist and trainer. She has also worked with individuals, couples, and families. She is comfortable with grief counseling as well as addressing existential concerns.

What Our participants Have to Say for Our Similar Workshops & Programs

Sir is super experienced and he understands the cases very quickly. I like that he provides inputs based on his knowledge and expertise about what to ask while taking history. On the other hand, I personally feel a little lost after his feedback. I know have only heard one session. I am not sure if he follows a diagnosis based approach, but I would personally find that a lot easier to work with. Yes, I’m sure I would get to learn a lot of things if I continue to attend the sessions. And a massive thank you to sir for helping us out.
Chinmayee Bagul
RCI Clinical Psychology Trainee
The moderator is appreciative, motivating, kind and has a good understanding of the case. He has the foresight. However, he is driven by psychoanalytic and individual psychology more than cognitive and behavioural. Overall his kind and encouraging and isn’t challenging.
Ruhi Pai
RCI Clinical Psychologist
Very insightful sessions with Suresh sir. I got to know cases from a psychoanalytic point of view as well. He gives suggestions on future treatment approach and plans which gives a lot of clarity.
Ayushi Shah
I attended case discussions with Dr Suresh sir and I found them very informative. He was good at grasping the information and helps us to gain insights from the same. The sessions were insightful. He also understands our viewpoint and provides direction and suggestions on how to go further with the client. As an undergraduate, the session was really helpful to get a handful of information about the process and direction of therapy with the supervision of Dr Suresh sir. His massive experience has really helped us in understanding and discussing the cases.
Ishika Khandelwal
Psychology student

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