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Decoding Menstrual and Mental Health

Our goal is to make women independent, men more empathetic towards a woman's menstrual health and answer all the questions of and related to folks from LGBTQ+ Community.

6 Days intense webinar on

  • Psychological and Physiological of a female child when Menstruation begins.
  • Psychological and hormonal changes while Pmsing, Menstrual cycle.
  • Menstrual and sexual health disorders and their psychological impact.
  • The psychological condition of a woman pre, during, and post-pregnancy.
  • Psychological and biological changes in a woman after menopause.
  • Menstrual Health Products: Discovery and Give-Away.

Free First Consultation with

A Psychologist

We understand that pmsing and menstrual days are very irritating, painful and frustrating. We would like to support you by giving away a free consultation with a psychologist to discuss all the problems of your life. Feel the non judgemental and safe space where you are the most important person of your life.

A Gynaecologist

If you are suffering from menstrual disorders like PCOS or PCOD or any other sexual health issues, we got your back. Book your first free consultation with a Gynac after completing our program.

A Nutrionist

Bloating and weight gain are just as real as mood swings during Menstrual cycle. So maintain or reduce or gain healthy weight with the help of a proper diet after consulting a nutrionist and dietician.

A Fitness Expert

We wish to add icing on the cake. So, a complementary session with a fitness expert is on us!

Free Environment Friendly Menstrual Health Products

What will ensure the indepedence after the program?