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Client’s Testimonial
My therapist's name is Sahiba. My first session with her was very nice. She is very sweet and a very good listener. Talking to her was very easy . Thank you.
I had been searching for professional help but was apprehensive as well as confused. That's when I found Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation. The professionalism along with simultaneous intent, patience and care, shown while I was being attended made me very comfortable. I guess this was the first time, I was listened to this well. I'm looking forward to my sessions and expect to be better soon, thanks to my therapist and Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation.
Thank you for your help. It is really appreciated and working. I feel good after talking to someone who wont judge me. The sessions are good and she understands me well. The days of low are actually explained and understood.
My therapy began with my therapist when I was on a whim as I was holding a lot inside me and happened to vent it out to him. He is a great therapist who knows no bounds and goes more than the extra mile to help his clients. He is very kind, understanding, and patient. He is an active listener who acts very calmly and is always available in times of need. I am extremely lucky to have him as my therapist and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.
I am really satisfied by the professional approach done by my therapist Amrita. She made sure that I wasn't hesitating to open up about the difficulties that I was facing in my life and I m really very thankful to her. The therapy sessions were mediated through Mr. Akash, founder of the NGO - Home Of Beautiful Souls. I'm immensely thankful for his help. I'm well pleased with the kind service they provided and will suggest this ngo to anyone in need. Thank you !🤗♥️
And today, I had my therapy session with Harsha mam! It was really good. My mind opened about so many things that surrounded me. I realised a lot about myself today!
Thank you for giving me a chance to seek help. Thank you for letting me in even though I knew I don't have any money to give. This is the peakest thing in my life and I really didn't expect that I will get help. I lost hope when I told you that I won't be able to afford. However, your reply created a hope and magic.
My I was a lost bird who never learn to fly. The HOBS made this bird believe in itself that yes, I can fly too and navigate the skies without getting lost. I am really grateful to them, expecially Mr. Akash and Ms. Naureen. Collectively as a team these pople are creating a difference in many lives and making people believe in themselves.
Workshop Feedback

Women’s Mental Health at Workplace for Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Co Ltd

“the presentation was wonderful, the speakers covered some very valid and important points concerning women in the present era. Overall it was very educative and informative. Enjoyed it. The most important the motto of this organization ‘to make affordable and widely accessible mental health services’ touched me.”
Ruhi Pai
“Cheers n a big God bless for doing what you do ! The session was very well accepted by the entire team as the topics covered a lot of present day issues and solutions on how to deal with them. Kudos to you and your team 👍👍 keep rocking!“
Shawn Menezes
Branch Manager, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, Goa
“I had an excellent experience and very happy that the younger generation is working on the wellbeing of the mental health of women which is very necessary. All the best to your team and God bless you all”
Nita Naik
“It was a great experience got to know many aspects which women face and how to tackle them. The meditation part was superb felt very relaxed after it. Keep up the good work HOBS team“
Nutan Panandiker
“I liked meditation very much felt very relaxing after it &the entire talk was also very informative and educative”
Asmita Patil
“Very Good I like it because we have no time for us we all time things about our family ,Work etc in this we learn how we can give time for our self”
Trupti Naik
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