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Depression and Anxiety ये क्या बला है ?

Depression and Anxiety ये क्या बला है ?

Depression and Anxiety ये क्या बला है ?

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Depression and Anxiety: do they even exist?Are these just slang or do these diagnoses have meaning attached to them?WHO

WHO says every 1 in 4 Indians suffers from depression but we don’t see anyone being depressed! Yeah almost everyone says they are depressed but are they just not sad because they are going through a hard time?Or is it that they experience intense pain to the point they actually are depressed?

If everyone’s so depressed why does it get difficult for people to understand us? to empathize with us? Why is it so hard to find the support that we need?Get answers to these questions and many more!

Find the support you deserve and get insights into your pain and patterns.Mental Health may not be visible but people are! So let’s be seen heard understood empathized and answered.WhatsApp us at +91 +919978813738 to know more about this event.


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2024-01-07 @ 02:00 PM to
2024-01-07 @ 04:00 PM

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