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Women’s Mental Health at Workplace

Women’s Mental Health at Workplace

Women’s Mental Health at Workplace

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Webinar Blueprint:

Discussing psycho-social concerns of the working women.

Facilitating personal narratives and challenges.

Discussing basic self care activities.

Teaching relaxation techniques and coping methods as forms of short term intervention.

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Ruhi Pai

“the presentation was wonderful, the speakers covered some very valid and important points concerning women in the present era. Overall it was very educative and informative. Enjoyed it. The most important the motto of this organization ‘to make affordable and widely accessible mental health services’ touched me.”

Shawn M

Cheers n a big God bless for doing what you do !
The session was very well accepted by the entire team as the topics covered a lot of present day issues and solutions on how to deal with them.
Kudos to you and your teamΒ πŸ‘πŸ‘ keep rocking!

Nita Naik

“I had an excellent experience and very happy that the younger generation is working on the wellbeing of the mental health of women which is very necessary. All the best to your team and God bless you all”

Nutan P

“It was a great experience got to know many aspects which women face and how to tackle them. The meditation part was superb felt very relaxed after it. Keep up the good work HOBS team

Asmita Patil

I liked meditation very much felt very relaxing after it &the entire talk was also very informative and educative”

Trupti Naik

“Very Good I like it because we have no time for us we all time things about our family ,Work etc in this we learn how we can give time for our self”

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2021-03-08 @ 10:00 AM to
2021-03-08 @ 11:30 AM


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