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शर्मण्य حیات (Protecting a Life)

India’s Biggest Mental Health Festival is here!
Plays, Workshops, Survivor stories, Music, Dance, and much more!​

Theme: Suicide Prevention, Our Focus: Students, Queer Folks, and Marginalized Communities

A Mental Health Pandemic is looming upon us

We lose a child to suicide every 42 minutes in India
LGBTQ youth are more than four times as likely to attempt suicide than their peers
Media reports show at least 25 Dalit students died by suicide due to caste discrimination.

Activity Lists

October 9

  • Theme of World Mental Health Day 2022:Mental Health for all: A Global Priority
  • Mental Health Structure of India: Treatment (W) options and resources
  • Mental Health Act 2017: Know your rights (W)
  • Mental Health First Aid (W, P)
  • Physical disabilities and Mental Health (W, P, S)
  • Casteism, Colorism and Mental Health (W, P, S)
  • LGBTQIA+ Mental Health needs, rights, and resources (W, P, S)
  • How to be an ally of a queer person. (W)
  • Activities and QnA

October 10

  • Coming out (disclosing one’s gender identity), suppression of sexuality, career prospects, environment, self-harm, and suicide. (P)
  • Social issues children face: Bullying, peer pressure, domestic violence, etc. (W, P, S)
  • Generational Trauma (W, P, S)
  • Transmission of unhealthy attitudes via parenting (W)
  • Signs your child needs help (W, P, S)
  • Workplace Mental Health and Ergonomics (W) Latest research, work policies, and standardization of human resources and their work quality
  • Resources (W)
  • Activities and QnA
  • Music and Dance

Note: W stands for Workshop, P stands for Play, and S stands for survivor stories.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided at the venue.

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